Luna Verde Permaculture


In our neck of the woods there are a lot of trees. Forests have been a poorly managed resource. Over harvesting of trees and clear cuts have left an ecosystem that barely resembles the forest of long ago. Here at Luna Verde Permaculture, we have established a low impact selective harvesting method with our small band saw mill. We also use whole logs to build animal paddocks. Both of these methods leave us with extra firewood to heat our mini cabin and cook stove. Hand built Mini cabin structures store food and tools, house our animals and us. All our structures were built from trees right here where they stand. No shipping of lumber. No wholesale distributers and of course a low carbon footprint. Care is taken to preserve young trees in the undergrowth to continue the forest cycle. Replanting is done with threatened native species. In this way we can work with our ecosystem and sustainably harvest a valuable product.

The abundance of lumber here gives us the ability to dream and build it. Combining personal experience in the construction and art professions with biodynamic and permaculture principles, we build everything from houses to cutting boards, mirrors and imaginative art projects all sustainably and eco friendly.

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