Luna Verde Permaculture


Critters on our small farm give us a way to mimic nature on a smaller scale. The arguably most important function they serve is actually eating plant matter and leaving behind a nutrient rich compound that feeds the soil microbe web. This creates rich soil and in turn gives new life and vigor to the plants, which feed the ecosystem in an endless loop.  When in harmony and balance nature does this all by herself. We strive to mimic this balance and provide our critters an environment that nourishes them and in turn nourishes us. We plant forage crops and allow our critters access to the native fauna and flora.  They get fresh water and supplemental food to balance their diet.  We do have to shut them all in at night as we get all sorts of predators out in these woods- Bears, bobcat and coyotes to name a few. We manage to harvest eggs and meat from the ducks and chickens and milk from our goats. Each time we harvest some eggs or have a home cooked duck dinner we rejoice and appreciate our renewable resources. In addition, our worms and plants wouldn’t be half the size without the manure our critters produce.

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