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Here at Luna Verde Permaculture we live in an off-grid community. That means you have to make your own power or learn to live without it.  We are lucky enough to have two solar systems, one that pumps our water and the other that powers our mini cabin. Our solar well pump pumps water when the sun is shining into our water storage tank for showers, drinking and washing. When the tank is full and overflows the excess water spills out into the goat pen to give them a fresh supply and save us the hassle. Next it flows out into the ponds to cycle a ram pump (see from the water page) With one water source we are able to have all our systems fully supplied and automated.

Our mini cabin solar system is a small 4 battery, 2-panel setup for small electronics and internet. We do manage to stay connected off the grid. As long as the sun is shining or we have enough energy saved in the batteries we can cruise online, watch movies and listen to music.

These two systems give us automation of our agricultural living systems and connection to a modern world. Electricity when used correctly can not only save time and money but also allow us to stay connected to the world at large.

Electricity isn’t the be all and end all to off-grid living.  When you’re cooking your own homegrown meal on a wood stove all the hard work comes into focus on what off-grid really means. It means self-reliance and that means being prepared and going with the flow.  It’s not that we sought out living off-grid it just made responsible sense to command our own lifestyle in a world where consumption is king. It just seemed necessary to live within nature rather than constantly trying to mold her to our desires. Shouldn’t our desires be in harmony with our environment?

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  • I cannot afford to attend your tiny home building class, but may want to visit your place someday. Is that possible?

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